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  • Section Meeting

    As Pacificon nears I would like to have a section meeting with our SCV field organization. This meeting will be a closed doors meeting, but shortly after I plan to have several open meetings for each sub org in the field organization. This is a chance for the members in our section to ask questions and get answers. Field Org staff should expect an email followed up with a letter in the following days. Please ensure you register (link will be provided) so I can ensure I use an appropriate conferencing service. I am excited for this opportunity as it will give us a chance to follow up at our Pacificon meetings. I would also like to do this more often if it is well received.

  • SCV PIC – Suellene Petersen, K6CPA

    Suellene is a retired C.P.A who was first licensed in 2002 and earned her Amateur Extra class license in 2010.  She serves as Public Information Officer and Point of Contact for the following Ham Radio groups: Santa Cruz VE Group UCSC Amateur Radio Club Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club (Assistant PIO) Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (Assistant PIO) Suellene and her husband, Steve, AC6P, are strong advocates of education and as such have developed a second tier of the Santa Cruz VE Group which is devoted to teaching FCC licensing classes and both are on the teaching roster.  In this 'teaching group,' some of the members are VEs and some are not.  What is essential is that they are excellent teachers of their various subjects.  Many of the VEs are also Field Instructors (FIs)and Field Examiners (FEs).   As Public Information Coordinator (PIC), Suellene's goal is to be proactive in working with the Section's PIOs, instructors, trainers (Elmers) and club leaders to coordinate effective public relations efforts.  The objective is to maintain a positive public image of Amateur Radio.  To achieve that goal, she will be inviting Hams throughout the Section to become members of a team of Public Information Officers (PIOs).   

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