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  • Rich Siefert KE1B – Dxpedition to Anguilla (VP2EAQ/VP2EAR)

    I hope that some of you were able to work us on our recent Holiday Dxpedition to Anguilla (VP2EAQ/VP2EAR). As always, we had a GREAT time, with our usual combination of radio activity, tennis, local cuisine, and plenty of personal relaxation and fun. Photos can be seen at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/51562235@N04/sets/72157649211804468/ As we have learned over our numerous trips from the West Coast to the Caribbean, it’s much easier to spend the night somewhere on the East Coast than to take the “red-eye” and make connections at the crack of dawn with almost no sleep. This time we connected in Washington DC. Traveling with both a big suitcase (we pack one large bag that holds all of our clothing, personal stuff, and the Deluxe Buddipole kit) and the DXpedition-in-a-Box (our rollaround Pelican case with all of the radio gear) is always a challenge, especially when you add in our smaller carry-ons (which have the usual things, plus the laptop/logging computer). As long as we are connecting domestically, we try to check our bags through to the final destination so that we don’t have to lug that stuff around. (It’s around 45 kg total.) Unfortunately, most airlines won’t let you do that if there is a lot of time between your arrival and departure flights. With the overnight stay, it was 13 hours between flights, and United said we had to pick up our bags in DC. So it was sort of “good new, bad news” that neither of our bags made it […]

  • NPSARC – K6LY – Field Day 2014


    I was able to make it by the NPSARC Field Day site this morning! Certainly can’t coming about the view. It was great getting to see their 2A setup as well as getting to talk with all the hams. Good luck to them!

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