Parachute Mobile in SCV

Parachute Mobile in SCV

Parachute Mobile is active again with our first mission of the year being held on May 31st.  Goto for all the details.

We are pleased to announce that Mission 20 is scheduled for May 31. Mark, AF6IM and Michael, KF6WRW will be back in the air taking contacts from around the Greater Bay Area. Accompanying them will be Parachute Mobile’s illustrious Ground Crew proving live video, APRS and all needed tactical support.

UPDATE!! Mark, Jumper 1, will dedicate one of his jumps for 20 meter HF contacts.

The Mission will take place at BayArea Skydiving located at Byron Airport in Byron, CA.

Jump Time: We hope to have the first jump commence as close to 1100 hrs as possible.

Frequencies: QSO 1, 146.430 MHZ simplex. QSO 2(alt), 147.570 MHz simplex.

Jump Updates: 147.060 MHz +100 W6CX Mount Diablo.

APRS: Search AF6IM for Jumper 1, or KF6WRW for Jumper 2

Live Video:
Smart phones:

Get your Mission 20 QSL Card!

As usual, we have no control over the weather or the operations at the DZ. The mission is always subject to delay or cancellation.

Contact: Rob Fenn, KC6TYD, Parachute Mobile Team Coordinator,

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