May 2015


Section Manager (SM) Brandon Bianchi, NI6C
Assistant Section Manager (ASM) James Armstrong, NV6W
Assistant Section Manager (ASM) Larry Carr, KE6AGJ
Assistant Section Manager (ASM) Michael Pechner, NE6RD
Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Scott Morse, KC6SKM
State Government Liaison (SGL) David Wolfe, AA6XV
Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) Andrew Korsak, KR6DD
Public Information Coordinator (PIC) Suellene Petersen, K6CPA
Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC) Phil Steffora, K6TT
Technical Coordinator (TC) Kit Blanke, WA6PWW
Section QSL Card Checker (CC) Russ Bentson, K6KLY

SCV Section Website:
SCV Section Google Group:
twitter: @arrlscv


=Section Managers Update=

In the past few months there's been a lot going on! We bid farewell to
Dr. Dave Richards, AF6MN our San Mateo Coastside DEC and welcomed 
Linda Bennett, W6LJB. We also welcomed Peter Chupity - KI6FAO,
Robert Smith - W6RES, Jeneen Sommers - W6NCS, Patricia OCoffey - KJ6GMG,
Carl Evans - KJ6OHI, James Holley - KI6MQB, Charles Mauck - KK6MZW, and
Sam Sjogren - WB6RJH to the Field Organization all serving the 
Emergency Communications org.

In other news make sure you have Field Day on your calendars! This year
Field Day falls on June 27th & 28th. I am planning on visiting as many
sites as possible and other field org members will be doing the same.
Have you registered your station with the ARRL yet? If not or if you
are curious where a nearby Field Day station will be you can visit:

I have also replaced the old section calendar with a more universal
(and phone friendly) Google Calendar. You can find the calendar here:

I welcome individuals and clubs interested in posting events to the
calendar to send me an email with your google account address. The
only requirement is that you have a google (aka gmail) account. I 
encourage people to take advantage of this new calendar. 

It's been great getting to see so many of you at recent events and 
conventions. There was a great turnout for this years Radiofest in
Monterey. Thanks to everyone that came and for those that stopped at
our table it was great to see you! A big thanks to Sal DeFranco, N6SPD
for his work in coordinating this years event.

Last, I am still looking for individuals that are interested in helping
promote Amateur Radio in our section via our Twitter and Facebook 
pages. If interested please send me an email. I also plan to make this
newsletter a monthly publication once again. 

=PIO Updates=

New Hams:

On May 9, the Santa Cruz VE Group administered a licensing exam 
for a Technician Class taught by Jerry Inman, AE6I.  Of the nine 
people who took the exam, seven people passed.  One father brought 
his 8 year old son, who is pushing 9 years of age, and both of 
them passed their Technician exams to qualify for new licenses.  
Steven Michaleske, kd8aqx, showed up to upgrade to General.  After 
passing, he was encouraged to sit for the Extra exam just to see 
the scope of the questions.  He was hesitant because he had not 
studied for it, but since he did not have to pay any more fees, 
he took the test....and PASSED.  Another person who had been 
studying for the Technician's license just happened to be in 
a coffee shop where two other hams were talking about the exam.  
He overheard, found out the exam location and passed the exam.  
It is a good thing for those last two people that we accept walk-ins.

Youth Outreach:

On May 30, 2015, SCCARC will sponsor a booth in the Monterey 
Bay Youth Outdoor Day.  The event is scheduled to occur at the 
Santa Cruz County Fair Grounds.  No cost to get in.   Time:  
is 10 am to 4 pm. The purpose is to interest kids in becoming 
hams.  Radios will be on hand for volunteers to use for demonstration 
purposes.  Also needed are people to help set up and tear 
down the booth.  Please contact Chris Angelos, KG6DOZ, at to make arrangements or ask questions.



This year's Pacificon will take place October 16th - 18th. Note
that this year Pacificon will be hosted at the San Ramon Marriott
in San Ramon. has a great amount of information available
and if you're interested in attending registration is open.

=ARES and RACES Info=

Emergency communications are key to the successful handling of any 
disaster or emergency. As Amateur Operators, we can volunteer our
time and skills to assist. There are numerous online resources you can
utilize to learn more and study to become an ARES or RACES volunteer.

What is ARES?

What is RACES?

What are the differences between ARES and RACES?

FEMA Training

If you are interested, please contact one of the District Emergency 
Coordinators for your county. They can point you in the appropriate 
direction to help get you started. 

Monterey County             ::  Lou Arbanas, NJ6H
Santa Cruz County           ::  Robert Ritchey, KJ6FFP
San Benito County           ::  Tim Takeuchi, W6TST
Santa Clara County          ::  Scott Morse, KC6SKM
San Mateo County Coastside  ::  Linda Bennett, W6LJB
San Mateo County Bayside    ::  Peter Liljequist, AA6PL

Monterey County ARES

Santa Clara County ARES

Santa Cruz County ARES

San Benito County ARES

San Mateo County ARES

=Monthly Newsletter=

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ARRL Santa Clara Valley Section
Section Manager: Brandon J Bianchi, NI6C