July 2013

July 2013


Section Manager (SM) Brandon Bianchi, NI6C
Assistant Section Manager (ASM) James Armstrong, NV6W
Assistant Section Manager (ASM) Michael Pechner, NE6RD
Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Larry Carr, KE6AGJ
State Government Liaison (SGL) David Wolfe, AA6XV
Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) Andrew Korsak, KR6DD
Public Information Coordinatoe (PIC) Suellene Petersen, K6CPA
Technical Coordinator (TC) Kit Blanke, WA6PWW
Section QSL Card Checker (CC) Russ Bentson, K6KLY
Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC) Tony Dowler, KM6DA

SCV Section Website: http://santaclaravalley.org
SCV Section Google Group: http://bit.ly/scv-group


=Field Day=

Thanks to everyone for their participation in making this year's field day 
such a great success. I greatly enjoyed getting to come visit several groups
sites as well as talk with so many of our local amateurs. I also was happy
to see that even in the absence of an NTS traffic manager that several 
groups were able to find a way to get their NTS messages to me during
field day. To me this is truely one of the purposes behind the activity. 
Identifying the holes and coming up with solutions to the challenges we face
so that during an actual activation we have past experience. 

Again, thanks to everyone!

=Field Organization Update=

For those of you who do not already know, Suellene Petersen, K6CPA, was
appointed to be the Santa Clara Valley Section's Public Information Coordinator
(PIC) on June26, 2013. The very first item on her job description says that
she is "responsible for organizing, training, guiding and coordinating the
activities of the Public Information Officers (PIOs) within the section." It
is known that there are some talented PIOs that act as a PIO for their
individual clubs, but none have field appointments yet. If you are one of
those people, Suellene wants to talk to you about your PIO interests.

There are only two main qualifications that are required in our section to
being eligible for such an appointment. First, you need to be a member of ARRL
and secondly, you will have successfully passed the PR-101 course or it's
successor. With this in mind, Suellene will be teaching the PR-101 course
with a goal of building a section wide team of PIOs with field appointments. 
You are welcome to take this course if you are interested in becoming a section
PIO or if you just want to know more about what PIOs do for Amateur Radio. If
this sounds like something that is interesting to you and you have more
questions, please contact Suellene at K6CPA@arrl.net. 

To learn more about Suellene you can visit our Section Website at:

=Section Website Update=

Based off some of the email's I have received some of you have noticed that
recently our Section Website has been up and down. Please let me apologize 
for any inconvienences that this may have caused. The good news is that all
this impact was the result of changing hosting providers as well as my work
to totally re-design the site. By no means is it finished but I can say that
I am very happy with the results so far. My work will continue for the next 
several weeks, but in the end I think it will be well worth it. 

=California Amateurs Claim New World Distance Record on 3.7 mm Band=

Mountain-topping radio amateurs in California are claiming a new world distance
record on the 77 to 81 GHz band — also known as “E band” — a band many hams
likely are unaware of and whose future is unclear. The claimed record was set
June 13 between Robert Johnson, KF6KVG, on a peak just east of San Jose and
Goran Popovic, AD6IW, in Kings Canyon National Park to the east-southeast.



=Pacificon 2013=

It may seem a long way out but the planning and coordination efforts for this
years Pacificon convention in Santa Clara is is well underway. You can visit
http://pacificon.org for more details, currently presentations are still
being accepted. Stay tuned for more to come.

=Ham of the Year Award Nominations=

Bob Vallio has asked to coordinate the selection of the Pacific Division Ham 
of the Year 2013 award, to be presented at the Pacificon Banquet in October.

The award is given for contributions to the community in general and Amateur
radio in particular that are above and beyond the usual.

Nominations should include:
·        The full name of the nominee;
·        Which organization or club is nominating and from which section;
·        The contact person of the nominating organization;
·        A description of why the nominee is deserving of the award, including:
o   How has the nominee advanced the art and science of amateur radio
o   How has the nominee contributed to amateur radio in his/her community
o   How has the nominee demonstrated leadership in his/her community
o   How has the nominee demonstrated excellence in amateur radio

The deadline for nominations is August 1, 2013.

Nominations should be sent to Christina Capurro Sand ccsandesq@zoho.com or 


The Sunnyvale VEC ARC will be holding two licensing sessions each month. 
These sessions are the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month. The 2nd Saturday 
in Sunnyvale, Exam session at 10:30 AM at De Anza Park, and the 3rd Saturday 
in Redwood City, Exam session at 10:30 AM at the Redwood City Library. For 
more information on what to bring to these sessions along with directions
visit: http://www.amateur-radio.org.

The Silicon Valley Volunteer Examiner group holds license examination
sessions the first and third Saturday of every month. Exams are held at 
the Saratoga Firehouse beginning at 8am, 14380 Saratoga Avenue, in downtown 
Saratoga. The firehouse is at the intersection of Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road 
and Saratoga Avenue. Enter through the front door. For more information
visit: http://www.svve.org/

On Saturday July 13th, the San Benito ARES VE group is running an Amateur Radio
License Class at 0800-1700 & Testing for all levels (1300-1630) at Morgan Hill
Community & Cultural Center - El Toro Room - 17000 Monterey Rd, Morgan Hill,
CA. Cost is $14 for testing only or $24 for class & testing (cash please).
Bring an official ID and your Social Security number or FRN. Please email
testing@sbcares.org with questions or reserve a space in the class or test. For
more information visit: http://www.sbcares.org


PAARA's meeting location has moved from the Menlo Park Rec Center
to the Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto. You can visit 
http://paara.org for more details.

FARS meetings are held at Covington School, 205 Covington Road, Los Altos.
The next membership meeting will be held on Friday July 26th. You
can visit http://www.fars.k6ya.org/ for more details.

LPARC club meetings are normally held the first Thursday of each month at 
CAL FIRE's Burrell Forest Fire Station (25050 Highland Way). Meetings 
start at 7:00 PM and usually last about an hour. You can visit
http://www.lparc.org/ for more details.

SCCARA club meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:30PM.
The meeting location is the Kaiser in Santa Clara located at:
700 Lawrence Expressway, Santa Clara. You can visit 
http://www.qsl.net/sccara/ for more details.

SBARA meets the 2nd Friday of every month except sometimes June and December.
The upcoming meeting will be held Friday July 12th at 7:30 PM. SBARA meets
at Hurricane Electric, 760 Mission Court, Fremont. You can visit
http://www.sbara.org/ for more details.

San Benito Co. ARES/ACS/RACES meetings are held the second Wednesday of each
month (7/10) 1900 hrs at San Benito County ARES/ACS/RACES HQ - 3224 Southside
Rd, Hollister, CA 95023.  For more information visit: http://www.sbcares.org

WVARA does not have any meeings in July or August. Instead they are having
a BBQ at Sunnyvale's Bayland Park on Saturday, August 17th from 11am to 2pm.
All are welcome. Details can be found on the club website: www. wvara.org.

NPSARC will hold their General Meeting the second Thursday of the month.
The meeting begins at 1900 at Glasgow Hall 122.
You can visit http://www.k6ly.org/ for more details.

San Mateo Radio Club Meeting meets the third Friday of the month. They
meet at the Beresford Recreation Center - 2720 Alameda De Las Pulgas.
You can visit http://www.w6uq.org for more details.

=ARES and RACES Info=

Emergency communications are key to the successful handling of any 
disaster or emergency. As Amateur Operators, we can volunteer our
time and skills to assist. There are numerous online resources you can
utilize to learn more and study to become an ARES or RACES volunteer.
This past month has served as an important reminder for us on just how
important these volunteer organizations are.

What is ARES?

What is RACES?

What are the differences between ARES and RACES?

FEMA Training

If you are interested, please contact one of the District Emergency Coordinators
for your county. They can point you in the appropriate direction to help
get you started. 

Monterey County             ::  Richard Hillbun, AF6TP
Santa Cruz County           ::  Charles Pennell (CAP), KE6AFE
San Benito County           ::  Tim Takeuchi, W6TST
Santa Clara County          ::  Scott Morse, KC6SKM
San Mateo County Coastside  ::  Dr. David R. Richards, AF6MN
San Mateo County Bayside    ::  Peter Liljequist, AA6PL

=Monthly Newsletter=

Do you have something for our section newsletter?

Contact the SCV Staff with your Club News and other items of interest
to SCV amateurs.


Individuals who may be interested in volunteering for a position
in our section please contact me at ni6c@arrl.org.


Would you like to receive the SCV section news every month by email? If
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You will find contact information for all of the SCV section staff on
our web page at www.santaclaravalley.org. We need to hear about your
club news and other items of interest to the amateur radio community in
SCV. News items, club events and other information you would like listed
on the SCV website can be sent to Brandon Bianchi, NI6C <ni6c@arrl.org>

ARRL Santa Clara Valley Section
Section Manager: Brandon J Bianchi, NI6C